Gada Bina Usaha Elastomeric Bearing Pads

Elastomeric Bearing Pads

Gada Bina Usaha can produce Elastomeric Rubber Bridge Bearings (Bantalan Karet Jembatan) in accordance with all of the following international standards: 
Indonesia  SNI 03-3967-2008, and American AASHTO M 251 – 04

elastomeric bearing pads

Function of Elastomeric Bearing Pads

Elastomeric Rubber Bearings Pads are designed to transmit the load of the superstructure to the substructure, while allowing specific movements and rotation of the superstructure caused by wind or seismic effects, temperature variations, deck deflections, sinking of any of the
supports, elastic shortening due to creep,shrinkage or prestressing, etc.

Two Type of Elastomeric Bearing Pads We Produce :

  • Plain Elastomeric Bearing Pads

Plain Elastomeric Bearing Pads
These products are simple,robust and corrosion free as the steel inserts are
covered entirely by rubber. Easy to install, they will provide long problem free service.Gada Bina Usaha Non-Reinforced bearings can be used in many construction and civil engineering applications to support concrete and steel structures, and where a simple, low-cost rubber separation strip is capable of carrying compressive loads,while at the same time providing translational movement and rotational capacity. Plain Elastomeric Bearings Pad have a large and varied range of possibleapplications though these bearings are more typically used in prefabricated structures.

2.Laminated Elastomeric Bearing Pads
Laminated Elastomeric Bearing Pad

Gada Bina Usaha elastomeric bearings pads are designed for use in bridge and building structures as a vertical-load-bearing component capable of providing translational
movement in any direction and simultaneous rotational capacity. 
Gada Bina Usaha Elastomeric Bridge Bearings with simple reinforcement are made up of multiple elastomer layers separated by reinforcing steel plates moulded on the actual layers,
and can be manufactured in a rectangular or circular shape to meet 
individual engineering requirements.
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